Webinar: Understanding IT Integration TCO

Corporations are capitalizing on proven technology with a focus on total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT assets to deliver unsurpassed efficiency and outstanding performance. Achieving this requires the strategic and tactical deployment of B2B and A2A integration software suites, technologies that integrate and consolidate systems and business processes internally and with external business partners.

Acquiring a B2B and A2A integration software suite requires a methodical approach beyond the prerequisite technical requirements and software capabilities. Applying TCO analysis will not only help with deciphering the true cost of ownership, but also provide an approach to vendor solution evaluation. In this webinar we will outline the methodologies and components as a guide to TCO analysis when acquiring a B2B and A2A integration software suite. Understanding and uncovering hidden costs will help you more accurately size overall and ongoing solution costs over the lifetime of usage.

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Hidden costs can seriously increase your Total Cost of Ownership of Integration Solutions